International Civil Aviation Organization
  • 1.How to register a new account

    Click "Register" located on the top of the home page above the ICAO header. Fill the mandatory fields of the registration form, and click “Submit Request”. You will receive a confirmation letter through email in one or two business days.

  • 2.How to activate "Apps"

    1) Choose Catalogue in the navigation bar and click "Apps".

    2) To view the list of “Apps” by category type, click one of the following filter fields: "All", "States", "Airlines", "Airports".

    3) Click the app's title/logo to view detailed information which include the app introduction and screenshots.

    4) Click "Activate" to view the consent form including price information and charging procedure. There are two ways to activate the decided App. First, you can enter an authorization code. Second, you can purchase a regular PIN code from the ICAO e-store. Please notice that you need to deactivate the app as soon as you finish working on it to avoid undesirable charges.

    5) Enter your authorization code. Then the app will be activated successfully.

    6) In My Apps page, you can check current active Apps list, click an app to open it, and delete it when you finish working on it.

  • 3.How to view my remaining tokens

    You can view the amount of your remaining tokens in the My Apps page along with the amount of time still left for usage.

  • 4.How to purchase tokens

    In My Account page, you can enter a new PIN code to get tokens. PIN code can be purchased in the ICAO e-store through the link in My Account page.

  • 5.How to get support

    If you have any questions using e-Tools, you can go to the Q&A list in the "How it works" page, or click "Contact” to contact our technical department. For marketing enquiries, please contact our sales department .

  • 1. What are PINs?

    In order to activate apps on the ICAO eTools website, the user needs a PIN. The PIN is a universally unique identifier (UUID) in form of 32 hexadecimal digit code (UUID version 1). PINs are filled with tokens.

  • 2. What are tokens?

    Tokens are the representation of currency used in the ICAO eTools website. The user can use tokens to activate apps and view data.

  • 3. How e-tool apps charge tokens?

    ICAO e-Tool apps charge tokens according to the active status of the apps. Once an app has been activated, it will be charged continually on an hour to hour basis until it is deactivated. The price per hour will be displayed after the “Activate” button has been clicked. To avoid undesirable charges, please deactivate the app as soon as you are finished using it.

  • 4. What if I forget my username or password?

    Please go to “Forget Password” in the My Account page and follow the instruction.

  • 5. Can I download/print data?

    Our website is a pilot version, these functions will be available in the near future.

  • 6. Where can I get a PIN code?

    You can purchase a PIN code on the ICAO e-store through the link on the “My Account” page.

  • 7. What do I do with the authorization code received from ICAO

    You can use the authorization code to activate the apps for free for a limited time. You can enter the authorization code on the pop-up consent form after clicking the ”Activate” button.

  • 8. The page layout seems strange. Some part of the pages seem squeezed, how to resolve?

    Try to install and use Internet Explorer 9 or higher. If you are not working in a Microsoft Windows environment, install and use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.

  • 9. Pages, graphs or tables do not load and some button clicks have no effect, how to resolve?

    • JavaScript is not enabled in your Browser

    • ICAO e-Tool heavily relies on the use of JavaScript which is executed inside your browser. JavaScript must be enabled. How to enable JavaScript depends from your browser. Check the help section of your browser to learn how to enable JavaScript.

    • Flash is not installed

    • The video of “How it works” on the home page is rendered using Adobe Flash Player component. Flash is a plug-in which has to be installed in your browser. Flash can be installed from this location: iPads, iPods or iPhones do not need Flash component for this purpose.

    • Browser security settings are too high

    • Some content in ICAO e-Tool is loaded dynamically from the server. This access may be considered by your browser as a security issue but it is not, as the data is collected from a secure source. You have to set the security settings of your browser to " medium-low" or " low" for this site in order for all the ICAO e-Tool features to work. Check the help of your browser to learn how to change your browser's security settings.

    • Internet connection is slow

    • Some ICAO e-Tool tools dynamically create content by making a request to the servers in Montreal or US. Depending on your location, the speed of your Internet connection and the amount of information you requested, the response can be slow (around 1 min). Try to request less volume of information if possible.


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